A downloadable game

“Protest” is a short and purely acoustic attempt to approach the released energy and violence of the Egyptian protests of 2011. You move through a threedimensional, dynamic soundscape, in the middle of a demonstration. The audible conflicts between the protesters and the executive forces arise dynamically. All sounds come from Youtube videos of the protests.

This project is controversial for me, for different reasons. The idea was to make it possible to experience the frightening state of constant danger and violence of the Egyptian revolution on a far more direct level than through videos and news reports. It was an attempt to empathize, to explore, to learn through experiencing emotions, time and space. The pictures were already there, fed through media, but not the sense for time and space. This is the reason, I wanted to create an explorable acoustic space. In that aspects, it succeeded for me, in a horrible way. You can hear protesters chanting and shouting, you can hear helicopters and ambulances, there are armed vehicles driving around the protesters. Sometimes rocks are thrown, sometimes shots are fired, sometimes you hear people running in panic and horror. But you cannot speak to anybody, you remain foreign, your footsteps are the only noise you make.

At the same time what is problematic for me is my position as a creator. I never experienced war or poverty, I am white and male, I live in the middle of Europe, I don't understand Arabic. So is it okay to appropriate this topic the way I did? Also there often is a possible discrepancy between possible intentions for an artwork and what it actually tells, when it is finished. Have I created some kind of War Tourism Simulator? Is this exploitation? I don't know.

For me it remains as an artifact. It is still controversial to me and I hesitated to upload it for a long time. It was created 2012.


W – Walk Forward

S – Walk Backwards

A – Turn Left

D – Turn Right

Esc – Quit


Protest 1.0.0.zip 15 MB