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Disconnected is a short surreal horror game.

You decide to hang out with a friend. But something is not right and you find yourself alone in the staircase.


W, A, S, D, Shift to move around

Left mouse button to interact

N and M to adjust the mouse sensitivity

This horror game was made in 48 hours for the Asylum Jam 2017.

Find me on twitter: chrstphfr

If you want to support my art, you can do so on Patreon.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(52 total ratings)
TagsAltgame, asylumjam, Experimental, First-Person, Game Jam, Horror, Mystery, Short, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes


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How do I get the game to run in full screen? i have a 4k tv

Great atmosphere and tension building, but the ending could've been better. I was expecting a bigger payoff at the end, but I still liked it a lot.



Hey there,

Played the game and enjoyed the experience, I do like that there was a specific atmosphere presented with the camera style and the sound design. I do think that the text boxes could be even a scoche larger, but that's what zoom and crop in vid editing are for ;)

I hope that you continue to pursue games of this type in the future, I actually enjoy and dwell on games that don't deliver a predictable jumpscare a lot longer than I do those that provide the jumpscare or absolute finishers that answer 'what happened to the protag?' I also dwell on games that have a solid atmosphere and unique presentation that invokes thought and imaginative pondering like this game does.

Even though it would've been nice to seen something as mentioned in the provided vid, I still think this is a nicely developed jam game. Keep up the good work!



Super creepy game, and I loved it alot! wish there was more, but it was great!


9.5/10 Would hang out again.

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This game is absolutely phenomenal. The colors and the 120p quality feel is genuinely such a beautiful addition to the horror; the subtle sounds of the camera as if it was half-broken is just something I haven't experienced before in my life. In the 15 minutes I had playing this game, I could only wish there was more to it, or maybe even another game with this exact feeling. I am extremely picky when it comes to a good psychological horror game, and this game has truly done it for me. I have never been left so satisfied after playing a game until this one. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, petrifying game. 

Davvero particolare e sorprendente...pi霉 si va avanti 猫 pi霉 la tensione e il senso di disagio ti avvolgono. Inoltre lo stile e l'atmosfera sono meravigliosi,avrei voluto scoprirlo prima, complimenti.

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This little game has surprised me in several ways, the feeling of discomfort that it is capable of producing with simple visual effects and text messages is quite large at the moment of feeling identified with the protagonist's frustration while answering the messages increasingly altered. This game is more surreal than traditional horror, I expected that at any moment a door would slam or something would pop in my face to scare me, but no, it just let the tension build more and more without an escape valve to finish with something that when you finish you have no idea what happened because of how strange it gets, it is a little difficult to describe but you know that something is wrong when you slow down, the image of the worms on the door made me I tried to walk away when the strange voice began to repeat the message that my friend was supposed to send ... but in the end I didn't even understand what happened.
What does this game mean? The first idea that crossed my head was that one really knows people even when they are friends, someone who seems to seek your well-being or just have fun with you could have ulterior motives to take advantage of you, I guess the feeling that , when you go to visit a friend for the first time in an unknown direction, it turns out that things go wrong or you are mugged along the way. Another version that I think is that someone or in this case something else is imitating being a friend, I remember that they have tried to deceive relatives by pretending to be cousins or children and then extort money from them, but once they are deceived, things could escalate to the worse if they have enough information about one. 

An interesting game. Had a lot of fun testing it. Great atmosphere.


Very creepy game.

This was very creepy! The heavily distorted camera added so much to the spook factor! I enjoyed this a lot! Here's my playthrough:

Hey there! I made a let's play of your game. I really, really liked the trip. Very original and very scary. Great way of working with sounds and feeling.

Enjoy my little journey in the staircase :)

(Your game starts at 10:28)

Well holy crap, now this was quite the little spooker. 

They say horror is turning the mundane into danger, and doing something as simple as texting a friend turning into this weirdo scenario is definitely effective. There are parts of me that feel as if the fish-eye view and filter might be just slightly overkill, but it no doubt adds a lot to the atmosphere.

There are also times where, for as much as I appreciate the realism in having to wait for the texts, it takes just a few seconds too long for a new one to pop up with nothing really happening during. It kind of takes a little bit of the tension away at times - but that is a very minor nitpick from a surpemely spooky little experience. Great work.

Hey, thanks for the game. I streamed this on Twitch and both me and my viewers found it very difficult to watch but I managed. The text bubbles are also extremely small. Really strange but interesting experience, definitely unique.

This was realy cool game and made me much afraid. Your story is very good i love the grafic style of your game. thank you much for making your free game. :)

lol did you ever play unreal pt or contemp . If not you should really try .

i had to close the game to spoopy

It has been awhile since Anna and I have had a chance to hangout. It was good to be able to catch up with her.


Dear Chainsaw Princess,
thank you for visiting Anna, she told me you both had a great time. I shall send you heartfelt greetings from her.

I liked the art style.


windows only

how does it feel to pay to much for a pc lol

Feels good

cool game, proves a game doesn't need jumpscares to be creepy.

Very unique, loved the style!

All I can say is this was absolutely amazing. Loved this game a lot, I always love how your games are much different compared to other indie devs. Hope you will make more in the future! 

Super unique horror game that sent chills down my spine! 

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Disconnected may be an experimental game but, I think you pulled it off really well. The pixelated blurry art style you used I found to be unique possibly one of a kind. It reminded me of the old camcorders that people used to record hauntings and, the like. I'm stumped on to why Ana is now this way especially with what happened at the end. Hence the title of my let's play video. Unless of course The protagonist never met Ana in person before! (I just read your developers thoughts on the ending. It feels good to have my perspective on it as, well as yours! I never did see the phone at the end. My mind was stuck on is the door going to be pulled fully open? I guess I missed that little part maybe it would have tied it all together if I saw that or, maybe I would still make assumptions. Amazing ending once I read what the ending really meant!)

Well, this was unique. The entire game as a whole had that uneasy feeling to it. Like I was unaware what was going on the entire time. Like there was something in the corner of my eye that I just couldn't catch. The graphics were actually really complimentary to the atmosphere. I kept seeing artifacts and thought it was a person or something in the corner of my eye. Waiting in between 'texts' was really suspenseful. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat. I read your 'end meaning' thing on Tumblr and I really think you delivered it well. Although it stumped me in my let's play, now that I've read your post- I understand what you were trying to portray. The only real negative thing I could find about this game was that it ran in 30fps. Even then, I didn't notice until I brought the gameplay footage into my video editor. So it really isn't noticeable at all while playing the game. Thanks for making this!


I am saying this because I very much enjoyed the game. I loved how the messages were progressively getting weirder and weirder. This is definitely a creepy experience!

Very creepy game! I loved the visuals and the ambience of the sound made it terrifying. I would like to see what game you could make in more than 48hrs because this was great!

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Really enjoyed this game. Most horror games only have jumpscare monsters and loud noise, but this one is unique; the atmosphere puts you on edge, gives you goosebumps, also the pixelation and fish eye view adds up into it. I would love to see more games like this in the future and I'll be sure to check out your other games. Cheers. Also here's my gameplay video if you want to see my experience with it.
(EDIT: [probably not relevant] [also, spoilers] I've found a little bug where you can go through/phase through the door of the apartment when you got locked in. *around 5:45 in the video*)

Really weird and good horror, I'm happy that there was no jumpscares. And style is interesting, like this stuff!

This was a surprising little gem!

It reminded me of this anime series of short horror stories I binged on Netflix one day. I don't remember what it was called, though. 

Anyhow, great job with suspense! There's a nice little eco-system of creepy here for a game made in 48 hours, and the ending was both a let down and made the game WAY better at the same time, I really liked it. At first I didn't, but I think it was much more effective than a janky cliche jumpscare! Good work and I hope you keep making games. <3

Made you a Lumps Play, too! Pop-up commentary bubbles are a refreshing break from reaction cam videos. I also edited the chat so it's a big larger, because it was very small when I recorded it in 1080. Enjoy!

Cheers 馃嵒

This game really really got a good build up like REALLY GOOD. I was expecting a jumpscare doe but holy cow GOOD ON TE BUILD UP!

Well done, the filters were a nice effect and gave it an old school VHS feel, and the slow reveal was awesome. Thanks.

This game was awesome!  I enjoyed the style of the game and everything :) 

Really creepy game I wanna know what actually happened. Ends with the maggots I just thought she was dead and she was messeg

ing you from beyond the grave.


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