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Disconnected is a short surreal horror game.

You decide to hang out with a friend. But something is not right and you find yourself alone in the staircase.


W, A, S, D, Shift to move around

Left mouse button to interact

N and M to adjust the mouse sensitivity

This horror game was made in 48 hours for the Asylum Jam 2017.

Find me on twitter: chrstphfr

Published 75 days ago
TagsAltgame, asylumjam, Experimental, Game Jam, Horror, Surreal
Average sessionA few minutes


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DISCONNECTED 1.0.3.zip 54 MB

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Very creepy game! I loved the visuals and the ambience of the sound made it terrifying. I would like to see what game you could make in more than 48hrs because this was great!

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Really enjoyed this game. Most horror games only have jumpscare monsters and loud noise, but this one is unique; the atmosphere puts you on edge, gives you goosebumps, also the pixelation and fish eye view adds up into it. I would love to see more games like this in the future and I'll be sure to check out your other games. Cheers. Also here's my gameplay video if you want to see my experience with it.
(EDIT: [probably not relevant] [also, spoilers] I've found a little bug where you can go through/phase through the door of the apartment when you got locked in. *around 5:45 in the video*)

Really weird and good horror, I'm happy that there was no jumpscares. And style is interesting, like this stuff!

This was a surprising little gem!

It reminded me of this anime series of short horror stories I binged on Netflix one day. I don't remember what it was called, though. 

Anyhow, great job with suspense! There's a nice little eco-system of creepy here for a game made in 48 hours, and the ending was both a let down and made the game WAY better at the same time, I really liked it. At first I didn't, but I think it was much more effective than a janky cliche jumpscare! Good work and I hope you keep making games. <3

Made you a Lumps Play, too! Pop-up commentary bubbles are a refreshing break from reaction cam videos. I also edited the chat so it's a big larger, because it was very small when I recorded it in 1080. Enjoy!

Cheers 🍻

This game really really got a good build up like REALLY GOOD. I was expecting a jumpscare doe but holy cow GOOD ON TE BUILD UP!

Well done, the filters were a nice effect and gave it an old school VHS feel, and the slow reveal was awesome. Thanks.

This game was awesome!  I enjoyed the style of the game and everything :) 

Really creepy game I wanna know what actually happened. Ends with the maggots I just thought she was dead and she was messeg

ing you from beyond the grave.


I loved exposed and this as well! Extremely creepy and well made for 48 hours! 

Part 1 of my Let's Play and Review, with ending comments at the end of the next, Love the atmosphere and tension. The Ending, I have a few words about though! - 

My finale and ending-thoughts! :3

this game was always making me feel on edge like there was some big jumpscare building up, even though there wasn't, it kinda made the game even better! :D good job on creating this!

Creepy game, impressive to say it was made in 48 hours!