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Letters To A Friend -  Farewell by Christoph Frey is a surreal 30 minutes long narrative experience.

A notary assistant was sent in regard to a testament concerning the recently deceased Joseph Hall and his son, who insisted on renouncing his father's house. This letter is a haunting report of an occurrence that led the assistant to quit their job.

Letters To A Friend is an anthology based short horror game series, containing loosely surreal narrations and an expressionist silent film aesthetic.

This game has flickering lights that may effect photosensitive gamers.

W,A,S,D to move
Mouse to look
E to interact

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Get this game and 2 more for $7.97 USD
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$5.99 $2.99 USD or more

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Really liked the specific details of the game, I think horror is best when it's about a specific incident with an unlikely protagonist. I also really, really appreciate the fact that walking up and down stairs is different from regular walking. Tiny detail but it does a lot to ground you in the place. I wish there was a bit more interactivity, though. Nothing too major, just more scenes similar to the "check out the house" one. As it is, a lot of the scenes just felt like I was watching a movie with slight control over the camera. Not necessarily a bad thing (there's a lot to be said about "passive" interactivity like choosing how close you walk to Marcus, what to focus on, etc) but there was just too much of that for my own tastes. Can't wait to see what the next episode holds!

just curious--what images/films did you use as a reference when designing the graphical style?


Hey Christoph, I keep getting an 'Out of Memory' prompt which crashes the game.

I'm running an RTX 2070 and a i9 9900K with 16 GB of RAM.

Thanks in advance.

Have you downloaded version 1.0.5?

And does the crash happen right at the start?

One time it happened during the car ride, the second time was after the drain pipe. I'll check version no tomorrow. 

Yes it"s 1.0.5

1.0.6 should fix the memory issues.

I forgot to mention I'm capturing gameplay with Nvidia's Shadowplay. I'll try OBS and let you know if it made a difference.

Btw, what I played was really good and can't wait to finish it.

I finished it just fine with OBS so it might be a problem concerning Shadowplay/

Loved the game. 

Unfortunately, I also have a similar issue. It feels like it is connected with loading the next levels. I don't know if it is related, but the frame rate is also oddly low. Let me know if there is any way I could help you with solving this issue. I would love to finish my experience. 

There seems to be a problem with AMD graphics cards, I have two machines with AMD graphics and on both of them I can't see any objects when playing. Once I deinstall the AMD drivers and use the basic Microsoft graphics driver, it works, but the game is super laggy. Tried out several legacy versions of Radeon Software, but none work.

Thank you for this info, I'll look into it and hope that I can resolve the issue with AMD cards. For now, if you wish, you can contact the support to get a refund.

I'll wait until theres a fix, thank you for the support :) 

I've uploaded a new build. Is the problem still there?

Yep, still there

New version, new luck. Is it still there in 1.0.4?

I keep hitting what seems to be a glitch, slight spoilers ahead:

Every time I follow Markus into the "storm drain" place, I get to the point where he stands in a room in front of a white slab and I'm given the option to press E. However, every time I do so, the game just freezes up with Markus staring at me. Is there any way to get around this? Really enjoying the experience so far, so I'd love to get past this.

Is the film-effect still moving and flickering at this point, or does it freeze up totally?

It's still flickering and whatnot, but once I hit E I can't move the camera anymore for whatever reason. 

Thanks for getting back to me so fast, really appreciate it.

So it seems like whatever the problem was was on my end, I tried running it on another PC and I was able to get past the part that kept freezing. Sorry to waste your time, really do appreciate your quick response though. 

I'm a big fan of the stuff you've put out so far, thanks for all the work! Look forward to seeing more in the future.

Hey, you didn't waste my time, I'm glad that it's working now. And I will look into this possible bug nonetheless.

Thank you for playing my games! :)

intensely spooky.

the effect here almost works better than it does in silent film--the corners you expect something to jump out of also draw you in. the player's movement is inevitable but we know the character is compelled by something and we keep looking

im scared

is anyone going to make a gameplay footage of this on youtube

My camera kept spinning around and around with out me controlling it.

Make sure you dont have a contoller plugged in. Ive had a problem and it turns out my controller was plugged in and my joystick was stuck to the left lol